Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to hide IP address

There are different ways to hide your ip address when you browse internet. Today, I will tell you about two ways of ip hiding.
One method is by using software. There are many ip hiding software on the internet. Some of them are "Hide IP Easy", "Platinum Hide IP", "Hide IP All" etc. You can use this very easily. But I will show you another method of ip hiding and that is manually hiding your IP. So, Let's see how to hide ip address in Mozilla Firefox.

Fist of all, find out and ip address with its port number from any source. Maybe opensource or any other. Then, go to this process step by step.

Open your browser and go to menu bar. there you will find  Tools. Click on Tools and you will get a window.  find there "Options">Advanced>Network>Settings... Now you will see a window. There are some options of IP system. Select "Manual Proxy Configurations". give your ip adress in the HTTP Proxy box and give port number in the Port. and OK. Now check your ip address and you will see it has been changed to your preferred ip. Go to to check your ip. and That's it.

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