Thursday, October 19, 2017

Coding from the passion!

I have been writing computer programs from the second year of my bachelor study. Now, it has been over 6 years since then. I did not have CSE as major in the University. That's why writing code was my hobby, passion, art whatever you say. I feel most excitement when my code works and gives me output as I expect. Therefore, programming started to be considered as a creative field for me where I can show up or create most challenging things. I know every programmer feel the things same as I do.

As programming is an art and creative things derive from passion, Programmer always love to work in good environment with latent peoples and with challenging exciting projects. But, Traditional full-time job sometimes becomes boring and even bitter in some cases. These days remote work is being more popular among software developers for its various advantages.

I have passed about three years in freelance work while studying. Now, it is passing another three years in full-time job with companies. What I have learned & gathered skills in the past years, There are few chance to implement all in one company. I try to learn something everyday like other programmer do to level up their skills with latest technologies.

I was searching for a high paying remote job as my skills is ready to move for that. I have also been interviewed with some great number #1 companies and passed challenging steps; but could not catch the deer for filling the position with internal recruitment few days ago. I did not stop my attempts. Suddenly, Toptal has drawn my attention. I have read through it is an awesome platform for freelance or full-time work even. I have been through the interview process with TopTal. Here is the few things that is catching my eyes to apply here.

1. Toptal works with top 3% developers of the world: Best freelancers of the world is in their community. They work with top latent peoples of the world.

2. Tech blogs: Whenever I search any technical matters in Google or yahoo. I find the great articles of toptal. Their professional expert developers write articles regularly with latest technologies that is really very helpful for others and show their strong community.

3. Long term work opportunity: Toptal works with big companies and large projects. So, they can offer long term work relationship with clients. Most developers can work full-time with high paying.This long term work opportunity is really awesome for every job seeker who expect a full-time job for their sound living.

4. Flexible work hours: People can work in their flexible hours in Toptal. They can work as part-time or full-time, time as they can give in their flexible way.

Anyway, I am in the beginning of their interview process, trying to join in their JavaScript developer community as a full-stack Node or JavaScript developer. I am really glad to join in and become one of the top 3% developers who are working here.

Keep me in your best wishes!

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