About me

Md. Zahirul Haque  
Web Application Developer: LAMP, MEAN & Ionic

Hello, Good day!
This is Md. Zahirul Haque. I am a programmer, writer & researcher. I started studying in 2006-2007 session for B.A. at the University of Dhaka and finished my graduation in 2012. I have also completed M.A. from the University of Dhaka in 2013. I have studied ALT during my  Masters program and researched about a topic related to Educational Technology.

Though I studied arts, Technology was my playground. I love to play with code and do work out of the box. I always like to think, do and be slightly different from others.

I would like to participate in Hackathon, Seminars, Conferences, and all the innovative activities since my Bachelor study. Technology attracted me much though my brilliant result in academy.  I like to work with genius people in diverse community and do explore the world more and more. I have worked for many national and international companies with large scale projects.

 I love hard work with dedication, take challenge and solve complex problem in multiple ways. I remain before my PC until drowsy imposes me to sleep for little break. I learn daily something new. Technology and Software development is the field where I have found out a perfect place to implement my innovation and creativity.

Over the years, I have enriched my arsenal that enables me to work  without restraint. Whenever I find that something (some knowledge) is stopping me to do something I wanted to, I try to learn that. In fact, I get desperate to do so. I believe that "There is no knowledge made by human being that another man can't understand or achieve".

  • Web application development, 
  • Software architecture, 
  • REST architecture, 
  • Server architecture for large scale application, 
  • Analyzing business requirement and  consulting for suitable technology. 
  • Hybrid app development.
Currently, working in MEAN Stack with AWS as a Full-Stack Software Engineer for See.Biz and studying M.Phil. at the University of Dhaka

I have leveled up my skills with great experience in
  • Javascript: NodeJS, AngularJS, PhanthomJS, JQuery, Express,Strongloop, Mongoose ORM, PeerJS, Socket.io, RTC
  • PHP: Laravel, Eloquent ORM, Lumen
  • SQL: mysqli, sqlite
  • No-SQL: MongoDB, DynamoDB,
  • Cloud: AWS(EC2,S3,VPN, Route53,DynamoDB,) VPS,Docker, CI, Digital Ocean, Atlantic
  • HTML5 & CSS3: SCSS, SAAS, Bootstrap, Materializecss, Angular-Material.
  • TDD: Bower, Gulp, Mocha, chai, UnitTest, Jesmine
  • Git: Github, Bitbucket, GitLab
  • Mangement: Jira, Trello,worktile,
  • OS: Linux, MacOSX, Windows

N.B. I am not limited to those only for my hungry mind to knowledge. I upgrade myself as technology upgrade itself. I like to work with good, honest and smart people who are professional and love innovation.

Many Thanks,
Zahirul Haque